13 Photos That Capture The Side Of Parenting We Sometimes Don't See

Images of uncensored everyday life can be so powerful.

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Most family photos on social media, or in albums, only show the happy, "perfect" times. And while that is certainly special and worth sharing, it is only one side of parenting and family life. 

The ups, downs, and many unpredictable moments, are what parenting is really all about, and those who share their own uncensored photos of everyday family life, prove it.  

We may not often see such honest family photos on social media, but we can easily relate to them. These often untold stories are also a reminder to appreciate every moment — regardless of how messy or seemingly small.


1. This dad soothing his son with a fever.

Heather and Thomas Whitten's son, Fox, become ill with salmonella poisoning when he was 1 years old. To help soothe the toddler's fever, Thomas spent hours in the shower with him. Heather, who is a part-time photographer, captured the moment on camera.

2. This mom in a diaper after giving birth.

Amber Beacon uploaded a photo of herself in a diaper as her husband posed with their newborn in the foreground. In the post, the new mom highlights how motherhood is "raw, stunning, messy, and freaking hilarious all rolled into one."

3. These parents who showed the real struggle behind IVF pregnancy.

It took Lauren and Garyt Walker 953 days, 452 needles, and two rounds of in-vitro fertilization (IVF) to conceive. After three failed transfers, the couple finally found out they were expecting twins. They wanted to celebrate the moment while showing the long, hard journey to get there.  To do this, they displayed all their used needles in a powerful pregnancy announcement.  

4. These dads who showed what morning routines are like.

Kordale and Kaleb Lewis shared a photo of their morning routine as they got their daughters ready for school. The post highlighted the fact that it's often the smallest moments, such as these, that are them most meaningful.  

5. These divorced couple who still take photos with their son.

Victoria Baldwin and Adam Dyson's photo series shows one example of what a happy family can look like. The couple began taking photos of their son while she was pregnant. When the couple broke up, they remained committed to raising him together and having family photos that they can share with him.

6. This mom's morning ritual before going to work.

Courtesy of Ricky Mujica

In a painting by artist and stay-at-home dad Ricky Mujica titled Multitasking, he depicts an image of his wife, Heather, performing her morning ritual every day before work.  "She is putting on her make up because she is going to work, where she would sneak out into the stairwell at her job to pump milk during the day so that I could feed my daughter while she is at work," Mujica told A Plus in an email. 

7. This dad who wasn't embarrassed by his daughter's temper tantrum.

Dad Justin Baldoni refused to be embarrassed when his toddler had a temper tantrum in a Whole Foods. His wife even took a photo of the incident and Baldoni uploaded it to Facebook. In the post, he explains how his dad let him express himself and never said he was embarrassed by it. Now, he's adopting the same approach with his kids. Plus, he's encouraging adults to express their emotions, too 

8. This dad who held an umbrella for his son in the rain.

View post on imgur.com

A photo of a dad getting rained on as he holds an umbrella for his son went viral because it captured the essence of parenting.

9. This dad who pushed around his wife and breastfeeding child at Target.

When a mom needed to feed her baby at Target, her husband pushed them around in the cart so they could carry on feeding, and still shop together. 

10. This father and daughter who capture the unpredictable and hilarious moments of parenthood.

Photographer Dave Engledow created an entire series documenting some of the unpredictable and overwhelming moments he experiences as he raises his daughter, Alice Bee. The photos are hilarious and striking, but very, very relatable.

11. This mom who shared a photo showing the reality of postpartum depression.

New mom Danielle Haines shared a photo of herself topless and crying on Facebook where she recounts the days after giving birth. The raw photo, and the accompanying post, help show how common postpartum depression is, even though it is not often talked about. Her post helps show other new parents they're not alone and they will get through the tough times.

12. This mom who dressed up as a dad for her son's "Dads and Doughnuts Day" at school.

When Whitney Kittrell became a single mom, she was committed to being both mom and dad, and raising her son in a way he wouldn't feel like he was missing anything. So, when it came time for her son's "Dad's and Doughnuts Day" at school, she dressed up in her best dad outfit and went.

13. This mom who shared 20 real things that happen after you give birth.

There are lots of things every mom experiences after giving birth, but some of them aren't talked about as openly as others. Mommy blogger Bekki Pope, from Mummy Mumbles, opened up about 20 of the very real things in a Facebook post. At the end, she reminds everyone there is no such thing as "normal," and no such thing as "perfect."

CORRECTION: An earlier version of this story credited Ryshell Castleberry for the image in item #6, and described the painting as showing a stay-at-home mom.  Castleberry reposted the image on her Facebook with an imagined conversation between a husband and psychologist about what stay-at-home moms do.


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