These Paintings Were Done By Babies Still In The Womb. The Reason They're Being Made Is So Beautiful.

Such a cool idea.

In a YouTube video posted by creative agency Duval Guillaume, a very unusual concept is proposed: Unborn babies can help other unborn babies. 

The video opens in a hospital in Kara, Togo,  with these words appearing across the screen: "Thousands of unborn babies do not survive their own birth. This number needs to go down. Belgian unborn babies support African unborn babies." 

How do they do this? By making art. 


Mothers at various late stages of pregnancy bandage paintbrushes to their bellies, and let the movements of their unborn child guide the brush across a blank canvas.

The works produced by these "unborn artists" aren't just for the sake of art, however.

People are invited to bid on the paintings, and all the money is then donated to help babies in Africa.

"The paintings were sold at a baby fair and auction," writes a representative of the project on Bored Panda. "We also made DIY packs for pregnant mommies to try it at home. It was the ideal and creative baby shower present. All the money we made, was donated to SOS Children villages." 

To learn more about this amazing idea, watch the video below:


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