11 Unbelievable Products You Can Actually Get on Groupon Right Now

Because you never know when you'll need a clip-in man bun.

If you've ever spent two minutes on the Internet, you know it's an educational, magical ... and super-weird place. 

Perhaps no website does a better job than showcasing the Internet's vast offering of oddities than Groupon. It's your one-stop-shop for almost everything you need — and a ton of stuff you don't.  

While best known for its restaurant discounts and spa package deals, Groupon is also home to custom head cutouts on a stick and a genuine $2 bill covered with Star Wars-themed pop art

Here are just a couple of the 11 most bizarre bargains you never knew Groupon thought you desperately needed: 


1. Eye Majic Instant Eye Shadow Kit

If you don't have the time, patience, or skill to do a smoky eye by hand, you can use this product. It's basically the eyelid equivalent of press-on nails

2. Women's Skirted Leggings

Who wants to go through the hassle of picking out a skirt to go with their pair of leggings? Not Groupon! And now, you don't have to either

3. HairCutz Hair-Catching Cape

While you may look like a cross between a flying saucer and your pet's e-collar, at least you'll be a well-trimmed one. 

4. Trinity Lick-It Tongue Vibrator

Even with its lackluster two-star rating, this product's very existence may be enough to leave you speechless. 

5. Glow Gloves - LED Light Up Gloves

According to the reviews, many a Grouponer uses these gloves for running or walking their dogs at night, Halloween costumes, and, perhaps most importantly, distracting children.  

6. Custom Head Cutouts on A Stick from Build-A-Head

Apparently, custom head cutouts on a stick are the Lays potato chips of the cardboard world  — you can't have just one! Especially when Groupon doesn't let you. This deal offers three, five, or even 10 cutouts because, you know, you'd look dumb with a single, lonesome cardboard head floating around. 

7. Anti-Snoring Jaw Strap

No matter what sonic wonders this device may achieve, even the model can't keep a straight face. 

8. Wine Bottle Umbrella

When you can't turn water into wine, at least you can turn a wine bottle into an umbrella. This perfect accessory tells everyone who crosses your rainy path, "I wish I were drinking."  

9. "Star Wars"-Themed, Artist-Signed Pop Art On Genuine $2 Bill

This may be the most specific item no one specifically asked for in the history of ever, but the good people of Groupon love it (almost as much as Leia loves Han Solo). If there's a World Record for "Most Obscure Groupon Item With the Highest Rating," this five-star one wins hands down. 

10. The No Hangover Patch

This patch claims to work by delivering B1 to the body, which decreases liver toxicity and may reduce dehydration. It's probably no miracle patch though because, if it were, everyone would slap one on at 5 p.m. Friday. Still, there's only one way to find out...

11. Clip-In Man Bun

Last, but certainly not least — for the man who can't commit to anything, not even a hairstyle: the instant man bun


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