College Students Create The Ultimate Party Dress That Will Revolutionize Your Wardrobe

100% party-proof.

When you're in college having the time of your life, the ratio of learning to partying is usually proportional. But every woman on campus will agree that budgeting for those fun nights out is far less exhilarating.

Makeup, hair products, perfume, shoes, and party clothes — that's a luxurious shopping list given that most of your money already goes towards your education.

Faced with that problem, two college students — Liz Lian and Sanibel Chai — took action and came up with an amazing solution that turned their lives upside down.


Back in 2013, Lian and Chai decided to "stop settling for the going out dresses, skirts, and tops on the market."

"The designers and labels we can afford use low-quality fabrics that lose color and fall apart after just a handful of washes. Our higher-end clothes require dry cleaning, and we hate worrying that we might sweat through our clothes on the dance floor or get bumped into and spilled on at a hot and crowded venue," Lian and Chai write on their website.

This realization birthed a genius idea — a "no stress black dress." In other words, a little black dress that's 100 percent party-proof.

The prototype had to include all key elements required to have a swell time on the dance floor: pockets, sweat absorbent material, built-in bra, and concealed panty line. After testing different blends, weights, and types of fabrics, the first product by 38th & WICK was born.

Known as "The 38th," this dress is made of breathable and moisture-wicking material, similar to that of yoga clothes.

The dress stretches to compliment your silhouette and is almost impossible to stain. It also has two zippered pockets for all of your carry-ons (phone, wallet, etc.).

"The comfort of your favorite yoga pants. The moisture-wicking performance of your best workout gear. The style of your chicest little black dress," say Lian and Chai, describing their creation.

However, the duo didn't stop there and extended their collection by adding a skirt and a top.

TJ Skirt comes with a hidden waistband pocket and built-in shorts that perfectly cover the visible panty line. Dawes Top has built-in bra cups and mesh-lined interior that keeps you cool.

After spending nine months developing their prototypes, Lian and Chai launched a Kickstarter campaign and in no time had all the money needed to launch their first collection.

"Our 30-day Kickstarter campaign received over $20,000 in crowdfunded investments and over 200 pre-orders from our first collection," they say.

After such rapid success, they are now the proud co-owners of, what Business Insider (BI) referred to as, a "tech-savvy women's clothing company." According to BI, their garments are "being worn by people in five countries and on more than 20 college campuses."

"Our mission is to empower women to live fun, active lives without having to worry about the problems that arise when standard party clothes fall short," Lian told A Plus.

Check out these party-proof clothes in action and let us know what you think:


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