12 Ugly Christmas Sweaters To Make You Laugh

Oh yes.

Ugly Christmas sweaters have become as integral to the holiday season as trees, carols and presents. That's why every year, people up their game by busting out a sweater even uglier than the one they wore the year before. 

And 2015's ugly Christmas sweater roundup surely won't disappoint. Check out a few of our favorites below: 


1. "My ugly Christmas sweater has snowmen on it WEARING UGLY CHRISTMAS SWEATERS."

My ugly Christmas sweater has snowmen on it WEARING UGLY CHRISTMAS SWEATERS

2. Feliz Navidad.

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3. What is even happening on that sweater on the left?

My ugly Christmas sweaters. Nobody's giving me money if I make it to the front page or anything but...

4. 121 Jinglewatts.

Merry Christmas from Houston! My girlfriend and I made ugly Christmas sweaters and my design was grifted from @TheCrookedStep!

5. Now, that's one "manly Christmas sweater."

cmdrkitten did seamless gifs I'm doing Manly Christmas Sweaters

6. Just two friends, hanging out.

My friend and I in our Christmas sweaters

7. "My coworker wins at ugly Christmas sweaters."

my coworker wins at ugly christmas sweaters

8. "For those fun office parties."

For those fun office-parties

9. "Partridge in a hair tree."

A hairy Christmas sweater

10. Have a happy Drake Christmas.

Sorry for the potato quality.

11. Christmas onesie!

I see all of your Christmas sweaters and I raise you my...

12. "Moonwalking across Shetland, wearing our Christmas Fairisle sweaters."

Moonwalking across Shetland wearing our Christmas Fairisle Sweaters


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