This Year In Review Of Ugly Christmas Sweaters

Baby, it's cold outside.

Christmas is almost here, and that means holiday cheer, Christmas music, gingerbread houses, mistletoe, lights, "Home Alone" viewings and... Christmas sweaters. 

Lots and lots of Christmas sweaters. 

Yup, everyone and their mom is busting out the ugly sweaters and wearing them proud. 

But which sweater do you think is the ugliest? Or best, depending on your definition of ugly. 

You decide. 


We start with the infamous ugly Christmas sweater suit

And move on to whatever this masterpiece is

Now let's take a look at the classic Christmas sweater vest

And one more vest, just for good measure

What the hail is going on here?

Apparently, animals are getting into the holiday spirit too

Whether they like it or not

Okay, so, wait.. what?

It lights up, you guys!

Posing, glamorously

"Yeah. I'm wearing a sweater. It's no big deal."

Christmas time. Yeah, whatever.

Crafty McCrafty

We wonder how much this one cost

This is exactly what Santa looks like. Right?

A family that wears Christmas sweaters together stays together


Too cool for school. But not for Christmas.

So who do you think wins best ugly Christmas sweater this year? Tell us in the comments below. 

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Cover image via Cookie Studio / Shutterstock.


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