A Man's Kind Act At A Service Station Would Have Been A Secret If Not For A Selfie With A Stranger

"Pass it on."

The kind act by a Good Samaritan at a gas station just taught the internet the value of helping out a random stranger in need.

On Friday, Tyson Crawley of Australia went to his local service station to fill up his jerry can with petrol and grab some coffee.  The 30-year-old carpenter soon realized that he didn't have his new bank card on him and had forgotten his new PIN number.

With his dog barking wildly, Crawley began to freak out in the gas station until a stranger approached him.

The man asked, "Do you need some money?"

Crawley told the generous man that he didn't need help, but the man still went to the register and paid his $110 bill (about $83 in U.S. dollars).

After the kind deed, Crawley asked the stranger for a selfie of them and to write his phone number on the receipt so that he could pay him back. Instead of a phone number, the stranger — named John — wrote on the receipt "pass it on."

In a search to find the kind stranger, Crawley shared the entire story to Facebook. As of Monday, the post received more than 900 likes.

"Remember it's not about keeping up with the joneses, having the biggest house, most expensive car, the largest bank account, but work with each other, after all, what is money compared to the quality of human life," Crawley wrote on Facebook.


The stranger behind the good deed was reportedly identified as John Kennedy Jr., a former American ice hockey player living in Australia.

"I saw a brother in need and just wanted to help," Kennedy wrote to Mashable.

Meanwhile, Crawley said that he already passed on the kind act to another stranger at the local service station.

"I wanted to spread the positive impact," Crawley told The Sydney Morning Herald. "The world needs to realize we all just need to look after one another."


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