Tyrese Johnson-Fisher Is Faster Than You And Everybody You Know

Somebody get him an NFL contract.

Let's start out by saying Tyrese Johnson-Fisher is fast. Really fast.


So fast you can just give up on even trying to catch the 15-year-old rugby player. Most players have a tendency to speed up towards the middle of their run, but to hit the outside corner like that... it isn't even fair. 

Speed like this probably hasn't been seen on any field since Chris Johnson ran a 4.24 in the NFL scouting combine.

Maybe Messi and Ronaldo hit this speed on a good day, but for Johnson-Fisher, it's every play...

Did we mention this kid is also a beast? He just completely plows over this poor defenseman.

He currently plays for the Oakham Under-15 Rugby Club in the U.K., but we definitely wouldn't mind seeing him line up behind Eli Manning.

Watch one of the fastest teenagers alive tear it up below.


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