This Is What A 'Typical' Morning In San Francisco Looks Like

Up on cloud number nine.

We're used to looking up when exploring a city. Up to the windows, balconies, shop signs and the huge skyscrapers. This video shows what it feels like to take a new perspective. 

San Francisco-based photographer Toby Harriman, who is behind the creative collective Planet Unicorn has shot an amazing aerial video of his hometown. In just two one hour flights he was able to capture the illusive magic of the foggy Bar Area with all of its prominent landmarks.


Normally, Toby is shooting stills. This was one of his rare attempts to make a video. "I was on a real estate job getting stills, but the weather was so spectacular that I had to finally shoot video for once," Harriman told Fstoppers.

Take a look at some of the images from Toby's spectacular flight.

Follow Toby Harriman on FacebookInstagram or check out his website for more amazing landscapes and cityscapes. (H/T: Fstoppers)

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