Tyler, The Creator Sealed His Position As The Most Far-Out Rapper With This Performance

"Do you see how it is when you pick out a pet? How can you make up your mind what to get?"

After his sober, stirring takedown of the American dentist that killed the beloved Zimbabwean treasure, Cecil the lion, Jimmy Kimmel reverted to more light-hearted topics on his show. 

On Wednesday, Kimmel gave a cheeky hat tip to the newly published Dr. Seuss book, What Pet Should I Get. The book is believed to have been written between the '50s and the '60s, so the talk show host decided to give it a modern twist with his musical guest that night.

So who better to have on than the supremely talented Tyler, The Creator?


In his notoriously far-out style, Tyler rapped lines from "What Pet Should I Get" in (what else?) full-on Cat In The Hat regalia.

Tyler was interrupted several times by Kimmel, who didn't seem too satisfied with the rapper's rhythm or flow.

Tyler gave it another go and finished the verse with this gem of a line ...

His performances after that of "Cherry Bomb" and "Smuckers" were more energetic, surely, but when else will you get to see Tyler in a Cat In the Hat costume, patting Jimmy Kimmel and talking about which pet to get?


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