An Abandoned Football Stadium Is The Perfect Playground For Insane BMX Biker

Some of these jumps are just nuts.

For decades, the Silverdome stadium in Pontiac, Michigan played host to the Detroit Lions, Detroit Pistons, and even featured a round of FIFA World Cup games in 1994.

This week, its abandoned 127 acre complex hosted up and coming BMX star Tyler Fernengel. The video is part of a promotion for Red Bull, and contains both an eerie tour through the stadium and a terrifying series of stunts. 

Fernengel has his roots tied closely to the Silverdome, as he grew up just south of the stadium in Wyandotte, Michigan. According to the YouTube description, he even raced Supercross inside the stadium as a young boy. Now, as a professional BMX biker with the guts and bravery of a seasoned veteran, he returned to tear up one of the sports world's most storied arenas.


Check out the video:


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