This 10-Year-Old Grew His Hair For Two Years So He Could Donate It To His Friend With Alopecia

"I just want to make her happy."

When Tyler Boone decided to stop cutting his hair for two years, he wasn't doing it just because he liked the look of long hair — the 10-year-old wanted to help his friend, Gabby Ruiz. 

Ruiz has alopecia, a medical condition where the immune system attacks hair follicles and causes them to fall out. According to the American Academy of Dermatology, the condition can result in bald patches, total hair loss on the head, or total hair loss on the head and body.  Boone decided to let his hair grow for two years and then donate it to Ruiz so she could get a wig made by Children With Hair Loss, an organization that provides wigs at no cost for kids who have lost their hair.

In a video for ABC Action News, Boone talked about his friendship with Ruiz, and about growing out his hair. 


"I’m growing my hair to give to Gabby — I just want to make her happy," he said.

Ruiz helped cut Boone's 12-inch long ponytail before he was treated to his first haircut in two years. In the end, Boone looked completely different. 

Since the video was shared on Dec. 29, it has received over 113,000 views. Many are commenting about Ruiz and Boone's strong bond and what an inspiration Boone is.

One Facebook commenter wrote, "This is so sweet, I am so happy when I hear stories like these ... makes me think there are so many good men, women and children out there still, even when I was giving up thinking there were ... "

Another said, "If half the people on [the] planet had this kid's heart, the world will be a heaven to live on."

As for Ruiz, she told ABC Action News, "Tyler's a great person ..."

" ... He's amazing."


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