Ty Burrell Gets Scared On 'Ellen' For The First Time — But It's For A Good Cause


During a recent appearance on The Ellen Show, Ty Burrell and Ellen DeGeneres played a game of "Tongue Ty-ed," which required the pair to guess a mystery word only through one-word clues from their partner. 

But the game isn't just for fun: DeGeneres announces that the game will help raise money for Kids in the Spotlight, an organization Burrell works with to "give kids in the foster care system the tools to make and produce their own short films," he explains.


"Our program trains youth in foster care programs and other underserved youth to create, write, cast and star in their own short films," Kids in the Spotlight's website adds. "This training culminates in an annual film festival competition ... Kids in the Spotlight allows kids to express themselves through the art of filmmaking and encourages interest in careers in the movie industry, which is so prevalent in Los Angeles." 

With that, the two begin the game. With each correct answer, Burrell and DeGeneres will earn $1,000 for the organization. 

DeGeneres begins by trying to get Burrell to guess the term "brassiere." Burrell then tries getting DeGeneres to guess "fireworks." 

And finally, in true Ellen-fashion, DeGeneres plans for a person to jump out from inside their game table and scare the Modern Family star for the first time on her show. 

"It hurts, so deep," Burrell says pointing to his chest after the scare and smiling at the same time. 

And just for being a good sport, DeGeneres concludes that Shutterfly will be donating $10,000 towards Kids in the Spotlight.

Check it all out below:


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