Little Girl With Cerebral Palsy Is All Joy Going Shopping For The First Time

Now she can help mom pick out the groceries!

Who doesn't remember the joy of shopping with mom, picking out every single thing you came across?


While it's something we take for granted, one two-year-old girl has never been able to experience that.

That's because, Beatrice has Cerebral Palsy and can't walk, talk or see very well.

However, King Soopers in Loveland, CO decided to build a special cart just for Beatrice so she could finally go on a proper shopping experience.

After some small talk, the employees reached out to their bosses to purchase Beatrice her very own "Princess Wagon," for children with disabilities.

Just look at the smile on her face and the tears it brings to her mothers eyes.

We never really consider how lucky we truly are to do the simple things in life. Maybe we should.

Watch the full story below.


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