13 More Illustrations That Show There Are '2 Kinds Of People'

Which one are you?

There are so many small things in life you don't realize you do a little differently than some other people. For example, do you turn the water on before you put soap on your hands or after? Do you cut your sandwiches down the middle or diagonally? Do you peel or pick at the labels on your beverages or always leave them alone? 

It's these little quirks that have us fascinated with artist João Rocha's Tumblr 2 Kinds of People. On it, he shares side-by-side illustrations of two different ways people do things to achieve the same result. We've featured Rocha's work in this series previously, but he's since produced many more 2 Kind of People illustrations that are definitely worth sharing. The illustrations cover many different topics such as food, home, technology, travel, and more. 

For example, are you the kind of person who always eats the crust or leaves it untouched on your plate? Do you prefer a four-digit passcode to a six-digit one? Are you someone who adds milk to cereal or cereal to milk? These little seemingly insignificant things are part of what makes us who we are — and they might just tell a lot more about us than we think. 


"2 Kinds of People was my second Tumblr," Rocha explains on his website. "I took a break after [my first Tumblr project] Kim Jong-Il looking at things, but after a while I started thinking of something new to create. The project began after my wife told me I was folding the laundry the wrong way, something I didn't think had a right or wrong way of doing. The rest is internet history …" 

Thanks to the blog's popularity, Rocha has published a book on the illustration series that doubles as a fun quiz. 2 Kinds of People: A Visual Compatibility Quiz showcases one of his illustrations on each page. If you and your partner pick the same one to describe yourself, you get a point. At the end of the book, tally up the number of matches you have and see where you land on the Scale of Compatibility in the back of the book. You could be anything from mortal enemies, to improbable allies, to soul mates. It's a fun little way to get to know someone better — and become more aware of your own habits. 

But for now, check out some of our favorite new illustrations in the series below:

1. You're either the kind of person who checks the time on your watch or the kind who checks it on your phone.

2. You're either the kind of person who doesn't eat the crust or you're the kind who devours it.

3. You're either the kind of person who puts the cereal in first or the kind who pours milk in first.

4. You're either the kind of person who has a standard four-digit passcode or the kind who has a six-digit one.

5. You're either the kind of person who watches videos within your browser or the kind who watches them full screen.

6. You're either the kind of person who carries a big umbrella or the kind who carries a tiny, compact one.

7. You're either the kind of person who always ejects your flash drive properly or the kind who never does.

8. You're either the kind of person who prefers your pancakes plain or the kind who likes them covered in syrup.

9. You're either the kind of person who stores your ketchup with the cap facing down or the kind who stories it with the cap facing up.

10. You're either the kind of person who drinks still water or the kind who drinks sparkling.

11. You're either the kind of person who eats the watermelon seeds or the kind who picks them out.

12. You're either the kind of person who writes neatly in a straight line or the kind that doesn't mind being a little more messy.

13. You're either the kind of person who takes digital photos or the kind who still takes photos on film.


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