What Kind Of Person Are You? These 15 Illustrations Will Tell You Immediately.

It's like someone's reading your mind.

You can tell a lot about a person by how many notifications they keep unchecked, or how many alarms they set to wake up. And one Tumblr called 2 Kinds of People illustrates the categories so accurately, that it will make you feel like someone is reading your mind. 

Beware: Some of these can be deal breakers, so you may want to check with your new love interest before becoming too invested. Cut your sandwich across? No thanks! Next.

Check out the illustrations below: 


1. Many tabs or many windows?

2. Across or diagonal?

3. Earbuds or headphones?

4. Case or no case?

5. Television or laptop?

6. Analog or digital?

7. Chopsticks or fork?

8. Size order or mixed up?

9. Manual or automatic?

10. Many pages of apps or folders?

11. Chocolate by the square or chocolate by the bite?

12. Leave or get rid of your notifications?

13. One alarm or multiple?

14. Rename your wifi network or not?

15. Bookmark or dog ear?

What does it mean if you're the type that cuts their sandwich across instead of down the middle? Probably nothing, except that you are that person. 

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