'Two Choices' Shows We Are All Responsible For Doing The Right Thing

What will you choose?

"Choice: an act of selecting, or making a decision, when faced with two or more alternatives. Choice implies the opportunity to choose," begins a video titled Two Choices by Rival Health, a company that implements corporate wellness programs for employees. 

The split-screen video shows a succession of scenarios where seemingly innocuous choices are made. 


Drink a soda or drink a water? Wake up early or sleep in late? Turn right or turn left? Although choices like these may seem small in the moment, added together, they have the power to affect you and your relationships in the long term. For example, choosing to play a game with your child, rather than watching a movie might help build a stronger bond. 

The voiceover in the video reminds the viewer that yes, while some of us do not have the luxury to make choices due to illness or circumstance, "most of us have the power, the right, or liberty to choose."

"It doesn't matter if your fourth grade teacher called you lazy, or if you were cut from the varsity team, or even picked on as a kid. You are an adult, and no one else makes choices for you. So leave your excuses at the door. "

So what should we do with this power? 

"We, the lucky, who have freedom to choose, must stop pointing fingers at others, and placing blame for our problems on society. We must accept responsibility for our actions, or inactions, and decide to make the right choices — choices that affect ourselves, friends, family, and especially our children, as it it our responsibility to choose for them." 

The video ends with a man saying "I choose to live fit." Ultimately making physically healthy choices can help us mentally too. And when we help ourselves, our relationships with those around us improve. 

Watch 'Two Choices' below:


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