Twitter Users Prove Kind Acts Don't Need To Be Huge To Make A Huge Difference

Dozens of Twitter users are sharing stories about the kind things strangers have done for them in a time of need.

While it can be hard to stay optimistic when it seems like everything is going wrong, Twitter is here to remind you that there are plenty of good people in the world. This week, writer Rachel Berkey asked her followers to share their stories of the kindest things a stranger has done for them, big and small— and the response was incredibly heartwarming. 

Berkey's query was inspired by a tweet from Sammy Nickalls, who shared a story of a woman who spent an entire train ride comforting her while she was crying over a breakup. In response, Berkey shared her own tale about the cab driver who handed her a box of Kleenex as she wept in the backseat saying goodbye to a friend. She then asked other Twitter users to reveal their own experiences with kind strangers.


In response to her inquiry, dozens of people shared stories about strangers who went out of their way to help them or make their day a little better. One woman discussed how her wallet was mailed back to her — with contents fully intact — by a good Samaritan after the Women's March in Seattle. Another recalled the kindness of the family who ran a local Dunkin' Donuts.

Others also talked about getting their purchases paid for by strangers after losing their wallets or having their credit cards declined. Some Twitter users also recounted having someone they didn't know lend them a comforting shoulder, some encouraging words, or even just an umbrella to shield them from the rain.

One participant even name-checked actress Julianne Marguiles in her experience with a stranger's act of kindness.

The stories continue, each one reflecting a caring gesture made by a stranger provided in another person's time of need. Reading through the many responses will not only warm your heart and give you a renewed sense of hope, but also serves as inspiration to take more opportunities to show kindness. After all, you never know whose day you'll be making.

Cover image via Abigail Wells / Shutterstock.


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