This Woman's Tweets Explain Consent In A Way That Everyone Can Understand

No more misunderstandings or confusion about this.

The worrying statistics on campus sexual assault have, if nothing else, sparked vigorous debate on teaching sexual consent. Educators are exploring ways to teach consent as part of sex education, and some people have come up with ways to teach consent through analogies. Others, like Planned Parenthood, are using creative campaigns to raise awareness about consent.

But rape and sexual assault isn't a misunderstanding of what "consent" entails. Enter Nafisa Ahmed, who recently fired off a series of tweets in an attempt to clear up the alleged confusion.


Tweeting under the handle @thatxxv, Ahmed used a simple $5 metaphor to help explain consent and rape to people, specifically men, who still don't get it.

The visceral response to her tweets was surprising, Ahmed told A Plus.

 "I didn't expect so much of a response and it was tweeted in frustration of an experience I recently had," she said. But like much on the internet, particularly when it comes to sex, there has been "such random contempt," she added.

Human beings are complex creatures, and our social cues are sometimes open to interpretation. But sexual consent is not subjective, nor should rape be able to be attributed to a "misunderstanding." (Multiple studies have shown that a quarter to two-thirds of rapists are serial attackers.)

So the next time someone wants to debate what consent is, let a $5 bill help you make your case.

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