Scientists On Twitter Prove Why You Should NEVER Let The Internet Name Things

Beware of the Pantless Thunder-Goose

Who do you call when you need to name a state-of-the-art, $287 million polar research ship? Not the Internet, as Britain's Natural Environment Research Council quickly found out. An online poll showed that the public at large isn't interested in a sleek or dignified name, instead making Boaty McBoatface the clear frontrunner. 

Though the British government isn't going to use the cheeky name, it didn't take long for everyone to realize that letting the internet name something is a terrible idea, and scientists on Twitter relished the thought of what it would be like if scientific discoveries were named the same way. 

While the astronomers quickly came up with Stormy McGaspants" and the Sun to "Shiny McSparkleface," things really took off when herpetologist Rob O'Sullivan decided that this game was pretty much made to describe the incredible diversity of the animal kingdom.

Without further ado, here are some of the best submissions for #TheInternetNamesAnimals


He's the worst at hide-and-seek and such a poor sport when you find him!

Maybe just a friendly handshake instead?

Pants are SO last epoch.

When life gets you down, just remember that THIS exists.

"Just smile and wave, boys. Smile and wave."

Breakfast of champions.

Not the end you normally have to worry about!

More proof that when it comes to Twitter, nobody has more fun than the scientists.


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