Here's How Twitter Reacted To Planned Parenthood's Congressional Hearing

President Cecile Richards testified on the fetal tissue videos.

On Tuesday, Planned Parenthood President Cecile Richards traveled to Capitol Hill to testify before Congress on the series of controversial, heavily altered videos featuring employees' handling of fetal tissue. Nationwide, many rallied around the hashtags #PinkOut and #IStandWithPP on Twitter to show Planned Parenthood support as conservative lawmakers in Washington, D.C. push to defund the health care organization.

During the hearing, Richards defended Planned Parenthood's national role in providing man women — and men — health care that they otherwise had no access to, USA Today reported. "The vast majority of the federal funding Planned Parenthood receives allows doctors and clinicians at our health centers across the country to provide birth control, cancer screenings, and testing and treatment for sexually transmitted infections," said Richards in her testimony. "No federal funds pay for abortion services, except in the very limited circumstances permitted by law — when the woman has been raped, has been the victim of incest or when her life is endangered."

She also threw her continued support behind fetal tissue research that has proven benefits for scientific progress. Fetal tissue has contributed to vaccines for polio, rubella and chicken pox, and scientists are regularly performing fetal tissue research to help find effective treatments for conditions such as Parkinson's.


As Richards laid out her defense for Planned Parenthood before lawmakers, many came out in defense of the organization.

Cover image via Andrew Burton / Getty Images


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