Twitter Users Share The Most Ridiculous Things They Believed As Children

"I used to think that people on the TV could see me when I was really little."

Children have wild imaginations, so its no wonder that many conjure up crazy ideas about the world around them as they grow. In fact, it's almost a rite of passage to believe in something that's, in retrospect, ludicrous to the rational adult mind. Of course, it's fun to reminisce about how gullible we once were, and that's precisely what Ross McClearly did on Twitter. While searching for an old thread dedicated to these innocent, childhood misconceptions, McClearly unintentionally spawned his own thread, inviting his followers to share the most ridiculous things they believed as children.


Yet, while McClearly's "ridiculous thing" might not be one that everyone can relate to, his followers were quick to offer some hilarious examples that'll leave you screaming "I thought I was the only one!" at your screen.

As children, some believed "drinking and driving" would get you in trouble, regardless of your chosen beverage ...

... while others were afraid the "boogeyman" was not confined to their closet and that someone was truly out to get them.

Some people were confused by how radio and television broadcasts actually work ...

... and others were in desperate need of a basic biology lesson.

Yet, despite how ludicrous some of these beliefs might sound now, it's hard to deny that they're all incredibly relatable, too.

Cover image via sindlera / Shutterstock


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