Women Say What They'd Do If Men Had A 9 P.M. Curfew. Their Answers Are Telling.

"Dudes: Read the replies and pay attention."

Although it's been an entire year since the #MeToo Movement first gained traction, sexual harassment and assault remain top of mind for women across the country as more and more men are held accountable for past actions. Dr. Christine Blasey Ford, for instance, has inspired many women to address their own trauma in recent weeks because her testimony demonstrated the constant dangers women face.

With this in mind, activist Danielle Muscato took to Twitter to ask women what they'd do if all men had a 9 p.m. curfew.


While Twitter users were quick to reply, their responses revealed a pervasive truth — women face uncertain danger every single day simply because they're female. Male privilege affords men the freedom to move through the world, at any time of day or night, without the same fear women face. 

Overwhelmingly, women would take advantage of their newfound safety and engage in the simple activities men take for granted each day.

While women are used to altering their day to avoid risk, this thread proved that the U.S. isn't as "free" for women as it is for men.

Many men saw this thread as a wake-up call because it opened their eyes to the inequality and fear that comes with simply occupying the female form.

As Muscato replied, it's practically impossible to comprehend the constant oppression women must endure. Instead, we must work toward the future we envision and never let injustice derail our progress.

Cover image via Photographee.eu / Shutterstock


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