Brighten Up Your Day With The Greatest Twitter Hashtag Ever Created


On Tuesday, Twitter exploded with perhaps the best trending topic ever created: #ReplaceAMovieTitleWithGoat. 

Simply put, take a movie and replace a word in the title with "Goat". That's it. Sounds simple, but it's most likely one of the funniest and ridiculous memes ever birthed into the Twitter-verse. Try looking at these without laughing. They will bring a smile to your face, trust us.

The hashtag was trending in the United States for an entire day, which is actually pretty rare. Usually, trending topics last a few hours, but this one had staying power. It was so absurd and hilarious, all at the same time, that people just kept on coming up with new movie titles and even more ludicrous movie posters with goats in place of the main characters.

We were treated to classics like The Goat-Book, Saving Private Goat, Harry Goater and who can forget The Girl With The Goat Tattoo. You can check those out below. Believe us, they will instantly brighten your day. See if you if you can come up with any good ones while you read these and drop them in the comments section!


"Harry Goater"

We knew Hogwarts was magical!

"The Goat Who Shagged Me"

The sequel that unfortunately never was.

"Jurassic Goat"

What are you going to do when a 300 pound goat tries to eat you? Watch out, they are ferocious!


He means business.

"The Goats Who Stare At Goats"

This one could get redundant.

"Iron Goat"

You haven't seen goats until you've seen goats in 3D, in iron suits, shooting lasers.

"Cloudy With A Chance Of Goats"

Definitely preferred the meatballs.

"Goats On A Plane"

Not sure who's more scared of who in this one. They both look freaked out.

"The Dark Goat Rises"

"Spider Goat"

Just your friendly neighborhood goat.

"Goats Of The Galaxy"

Phew. The galaxy can rest safe now.


Take the grass, leave the cannolis.

"The Girl With The Goat Tattoo"

And you thought dragon's were mysterious.


Watch out for those giant hooves!

"The GoatBook"

That looks...awkward.


The next blockbuster sci-fi movie!

"Saving Private Goat"

This goat must be saved at all costs. 

But we couldn't resist creating our own as well!

We came up with titles and movie posters for the blockbuster remakes called "The Lion Goat", "Goat-E", "The Goat Next Door", "My Big Fat Greek Goat", "Goat-anic", "Dr. Strange Goat" and of course, "Forrest Goat". Without further adieu...

"The Lion Goat"

The heir to the a goat.

"The Goat Next Door"

She's been baaaad.


The last goat on Earth!


Leo gets all the ladies!

"Dr. Strange Goat"

The smartest goat in the room.

"My Big Fat Greek Goat"

Will his family approve of the marriage?

And of course the timeless classic "Forrest Goat"

Tom Hanks is such a versatile goat.


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