Twitter Displays The Disappointment We All Feel When We Get Sad Sandwiches

"Bad sandwiches happen to good people." So true.

In one of the Internet's stranger and more random events today, Twitter came up with a moment that aggregated the experiences of people disappointed by sandwiches.

The microblogging/social media site's weirdly elegiac "Bad sandwiches happen to good people" began by describing the lunchtime staple as "a noble and distinguished foodstuff" before chronicling the possible outcomes. "If you're lucky you will find," Twitter ominously promised, "nestling between two slices of bread or within a crusty baguette or floury bun, deliciousness! If you're unlucky? Betrayal."

It is the unlucky-at-lunch who provide these curated curiosities.

Take a look at some of the tweets for yourself.


Is that supposed to be bacon?

Spare the sausage, please.

It's like they didn't even try.

You guys had ONE job.

"I'd like a sandwich with nothing on it," said nobody, ever.

The joy of travel isn't always so joyous.

Even vegans aren't immune from sandwich disappointment.

'The Sausage Deception.' Sounds like a Dan Brown novel.

If you've had a disappointing lunch, we'd like to see it! Post your sad sandwiches and lethargic lunches in the comments below.


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