Women Shared Their Most Hilarious (And Frustrating) Experiences With 'Mansplaining' On Twitter

Some of these are pretty amazing.

Women on Twitter united Wednesday to share their most jaw-dropping encounters with "mansplaining," the phenomenon of men explaining something to women who are equally (or more) well-versed on the concept.

In a callout on the social platform, BuzzFeed host Tracy Clayton asked her followers about the most infuriating incidents of mansplaining that they've experienced.


Mansplaining, which was described in a 2008 book by Rebecca Solnit, is a very common phenomenon, as evidenced by the amount of replies Clayton received.

Clayton's tweet, which was retweeted more than 1,400 times, provoked lots of frustration, laughs and storytelling. Many of the women who responded were highly qualified professionals who had stories about being told how their own profession (or body) worked. 

The problem has gotten so bad that some organizations — like Unionen, the largest trade organization in Sweden — have opened hotlines for women to call in and report instances of mansplaining in the workplace. 

It's not hard to understand why such a hotline is needed:

Without irony, as the thread got more popular, some men showed up to try and explain what mansplaining actually was. 

Cover photo Shutterstock / Raisa Kanareva /  Dusan Petkovic.


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