People Who Triumphed In The Face Of Adversity Share Their Stories

"For me, success meant doing what I love on my own terms, that's all. And that needs to be OK, for me and for everyone else."

Despite our innermost desire to pursue our passion, outside forces can throw us off course on our journey toward success. Oftentimes, following your dreams can create an undue struggle as detractors try to discourage you from finding happiness in your field of choice. Thus, television and comic book writer Amanda Deibert took to Twitter to ask followers how they've triumphed in the face of adversity.


At some point or another, we've all encountered someone who tried to discourage us from pursuing our passions or following our dreams. Here are some of the most empowering (and often heartbreaking) tweets we can all relate to: 

Those who truly love us will lift us up, not tear as down, as we pursue our dreams.

Everything you do holds value, no matter what those in charge might say.

Finding love in a world filled with hate can empower you to spread joy to others.

Believe that you can "have it all" and your actions will guide you toward success.

Disregard your detractors and focus on your personal goals and dreams for the future.

Learn from your failures and allow them to fuel your journey toward success.

Transform your "weaknesses" into strengths through hard work and determination.

Don't be afraid to start over, for only you can define what happiness means to you.

Break free from society's definition of success and do what you love.

Pursue your passion, no matter who tries to take credit for your personal success.

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