Same DNA, Two Very Different Births: The Craziest Twin Story You'll Ever Hear

You don't see this very often.

If you know any twins, you may have heard them talk about who was born first — by minutes or seconds.

But if you ever get to meet Link and Logan Gorveatt, you're going to get hit with a story you won't believe. Logan was born just this week, 18 days after his identical twin brother Link came into the world on September 29th. 

Link was born prematurely at 23 weeks and weighed just over one pound. The twins suffered from a complication called twin-twin transfusion where they share the same placenta. 

"One baby becomes anemic and weak from blood loss," Dr. Martin Walker, Gorveatt's doctor and a fetal medicine expert at Evergreen Health Medical Center, said. "And the other baby becomes overstuffed with blood, bloated and goes into heart failure."

Both twins are being cared for at the medical center as they continue to grow.


Check out their story below:


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