Twins Grew Up On Different Continents Without Knowing About One Another. Then A YouTube Video Happened.

What if you got a Facebook message like THAT?

Meet Anaïs Bordier.


She's a 27-year-old French designer who currently lives in London.

Anaïs grew up in Paris with her loving parents, who adopted her when she was a toddler. She was, in fact, born in South Korea.

One day when browsing the web, Anaïs came across a YouTube video that featured a young woman who looked exactly like her... but who had an American accent. 

Samantha WHO? She certainly looks like Anaïs. A lot.

When Anaïs looked up Samantha Futherman, a mysterious LA-based actress, on the Internet, she realized that Samantha was born in South Korea on the exact same day as she was. And Samantha was also adopted.

So Anaïs decided to get in touch with Samantha.

She messaged her look-alike on Facebook. The girls later shared the original message on Facebook Stories:


My name is Anaïs, I am french and live in London,

About 2 months ago, my friend was watching one of your videos with Kevjumba on youtube, and he saw you and thought that we looked really very similar... 
like... VERY REALLY SIMILAR...we were making jokes about it etc. (I'm always being violent with people and hitting them too hahaha)

Today, he saw the trailer of 21 & over and told me he saw you again, I then checked your name on the cast, stalked you A BIT, and found out you were born the 19th of november 1987.

I checked more of your videos (which are hilarious) and then came upon how it feels to be adopted'... and discovered you were adopted too.

So..I don't want to be too Linday Lohan, to put it..I was wondering where you were born? 

I was born on the 19th of November 1987, in Busan but my papers were made at the Holt Chuldren's Institute, so "officially" I was born in Seoul. My korean name is Kim Eunwha. I arrived in France the 5th March 1988, so 3 months later.

You can check my facebook if you want to check the pictures and videos. It's more obvious on videos...

Let me know...don't freak out... 
Lots of love


Samantha and Anaïs soon realized...

...that despite growing up on different continents...

...and despite one being American and the other French...

... they actually are twins.

The documentary "Twinsters," directed by Samantha Futerman and Ryan Miyamoto, follows the story of the two girls meeting in London for the first time, taking a DNA test, and realizing that they are sisters.

Thank you, social media. This would not have been possible just a couple of decades back.

Watch the entire trailer below.

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