70 Years Later, These Two Twin Brothers Meet For The Very First Time


At the Warsaw Chopin Airport, two twins, George Skrzynecky and Lucian Poznanski, reunited after nearly 70 years apart, and BBC reporter Dan Johnson covered the beautiful reunion story for all of us to see.

"In my heart, I always had a feeling that I did have a twin brother," Poznanski, who has been living in Poland, tells the BBC. "I don't care about winning the lottery, I just want to have my brother by my side."


Standing tearfully in the airport, Poznanski waits for his brother to arrive from California.

According to BBC, the twins "were born in Germany after their Polish mother was sent to a forced labour camp. When she became ill and could not look after them the twins were taken to Poland and adopted separately. For many years they did not know each other existed."

"I only learned that I had been adopted when I was drafted into the army," Poznanski explains in the report. He says he was "devastated" after finding out that his mother was not his biological one. 

In the '60s, Skrzynecky reached out to the Red Cross to try to find his twin, but was unsuccessful.

Later, he moved to the United States. "But I never, never lost hope," he says.

Then just last year, while living in Poland, Poznanski discovered insight about his mother, and, in doing so, found out he had a twin brother as well. 

"I didn't expect this at all. There were times when I thought I was dreaming. But deep in my heart, I always knew," Poznanski says.

"I'm so excited to see him and hope from now on, we're going to be very very close together," Skrzynecky says, back at the airport, in the moments leading up to the reunion...

And then, the moment arrives.

The twins hug and kiss in a moment of overwhelming joy as people watch and record it from a distance.

"What's happened in the past, you cannot change it... We have a time to celebrate now and look to the future," Skrzynecky says, practicing his Polish. "Brothers forever."

After their reunion, the brothers travel to Warsaw's Uprising Museum and uncover documents regarding their family history, including details about their father.

And now, the two brothers have the rest of their lives to learn more about each other — together.

Learn more about their journey in the full video below:

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