2 Years Ago, She Tweeted Looking For A Wedding Date. Today, She's Engaged To The Guy Who Answered.

"Crazy how things work out."

For this couple, the road to marriage started with a single tweet. In 2015, Madison O'Neill was invited to a wedding and RSVP'd with a +1. She had planned to go with her boyfriend, but the pair broke up shortly before the wedding date. 

O'Neill didn't want to attend alone, so she turned to Twitter to see if any of her followers would be interested in attending the wedding the following day. 


"It was mostly a joke," O'Neill told TIME. "I thought a friend would respond and I'd just have someone to hang out with."

She did end up with someone to hang out with, but it wasn't one of her friends. 

Charlie Dohrmann, who went to the same high school as O'Neill in Des Moines, Iowa, saw the tweet and decided to reach out. While the two went to school together, Dohrmann was a year older and they weren't friends. "He thought I was cute in high school but never had the courage to talk to me, but he saw that tweet as an opportunity and thought, hey why not," O'Neill told BuzzFeed

So, he slid into her DMs. "Dude, I'll be your date to a wedding! When is it?" he asked. 

After getting the details, he confirmed that he was definitely willing to accompany her if she wanted him too. 

But O'Neill wasn't sure that she did. After all, they didn't really know each other and what if it was horribly awkward? What if they had nothing to say to each other?

"I ended up saying yes because I figured that having one awkward date wouldn't be the end of the world, and I might as well go for it," she told BuzzFeed. 

Well, it's a good thing she did because the two ended up having an amazing time. They hit it off at the wedding and even went to see a movie together after the reception. After that, they started dating. They've now been together for two and half years even though much of their relationship has been long distance because Dohrmann serves in the Navy. 

These days, he's based out of San Diego while O'Neill is working on her degree at Iowa State University. Despite the distance, the two have made it work and a recent surprise shows just how well. 

While O'Neill was visiting him before he's deployed, Dohrmann took the opportunity to propose to her. She said yes.

O'Neill shared the news on Twitter with screenshots of her first tweet, their first messages, and a photo of the proposal. "Crazy how things work out," she wrote. 

In just a few days, her tweet has been shared more than 90,000 times and has over 450,000 likes. People are stunned and happy that a simple tweet helped them fall in love. 

Maybe next time you're not sure if you should put yourself out there on social media, remember it could end up like this. 


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