TV Reporter Spots Bank Robber During Broadcast

“This is live TV, folks!"

They say anything can happen on live television, and a TV reporter found this out in a very real way on Tuesday morning.

TV Journalist Adam Sallet of KIMT was reporting outside of the local branch of Sterling State Bank to deliver an update on a number of bank robberies — and one attempted restaurant robbery — that Rochester, Minnesota had experienced in the past few days.

The morning news anchor cut to Sallet to give his report on live television. As soon as Sallet began his live news report in front of the bank, the strangest thing occurred.

A bank employee ran up to Sallet, pointed and said on KIMT, "It's that guy right there."

While still on the air, Sallet turned and saw the robber in the parking lot.

"Oh, that's the robber!" Sallet said. "This is live TV, folks! That's the robber, just went by according to the bank employee. So, I got to go here and call 911. I'll talk to you later."


Here’s the full video of the encounter.

"I was on edge already," Sallet said to the Post-Bulletin, "because that guy was a little suspicious — walking toward a bank — so I just took (the employee) at his word. Then I thought, 'holy smokes, that just happened, and I have to report on it and be a witness.'"

Sallet immediately called the police and gave them the information about the suspect, including a description.

The police caught and arrested the suspect.

Rochester police Capt. John Sherwin told the Post-Bulletin that Sallet's information helped them catch the bank robber.

Law enforcement commemorated Sallet for his heroic efforts.

(H/T: CBS News)


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