13 TV News Graphics Blunders That You Can't Believe Actually Happened

Breaking news of the funny kind.

Anything can happen on live television. Spontaneous things can happen on the air and reporters constantly deal with unreal moments. And it gets even crazier when the news graphics are completely out of whack and they say ridiculous things.

Here are 13 TV news graphics that were completely out of place for that moment and people were watching:


1. Someone doesn't know world geography.

2. Something is odd about this weather report.

3. Who put that in the background?

4. What a 'cat'astrophe.

5. Where do we rank in spelling?

6. What obvious news is this?

7. They're just trying to be funny here, right?

8. Someone in the control room forgot something.

9. What type of question is this?

10. That's usually the case.

11. This one needs a better description.

12. His name doesn't really sound right.

13. At least they're being nice.


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