7 Teen Couples On TV That Showed Us What It Means To Love Someone

It may be fiction, but there's a lot we can learn from these on-screen romances.

Watching teenage romances blossom on screen is always a rollercoaster. The young adults in all our favorite TV shows are learning to navigate the dating world which is too often filled with confusion, miscommunications and mistakes. The audience can always feel the vulnerability behind those first kisses, dates and "I love yous."

And sure, some teen shows may be jam-packed with over-the-top dramatic plot lines, but they also feature tons of underlying truths about what it's like to be part of a couple. Whether you "ship" them or not, watching characters grow into or out of their relationships can teach us a lot about what it means to love someone.


Here are some of our favorite teen couples on TV and what they can tell us about love:

1. Hanna and Caleb, "Pretty Little Liars"

Not even "A" can break this pair apart. Since their first steamy moment together in the shower, Hanna and Caleb's relationship has blossomed into a true partnership. They're both always there for each other, constantly worrying and caring about each other's safety. Being in a relationship as a teenager can be rough enough as it is without a crazy anonymous stalker trying to tear it apart. But Haleb managed to navigate through all the drama together, making them stronger.

Even if all odds seemed against them, they fought. Whenever they seemed to be growing apart, they found their way back to each other.

2. Bay and Emmett, "Switched At Birth"

No word yet on whether this couple will make amends, but there's still so much we can learn from their relationship prior to the breakup. Bay and Emmett have clearly made mistakes. They've both cheated and had plenty of run-ins with jealousy. There's no question as to how they feel about each other, but sometimes love just isn't enough.

There's always going to be obstacles when it comes to relationships. Couples can either forgive each other for mistakes and move on or decide to break up. Whether or not you can forgive someone, it's important to know your limits and communicate them.

3. Carrie and Sebastian, "The Carrie Diaries"

Carrie and Sebastian were constantly breaking up and getting back together. High school, parents and friends seemed to keep getting in the way. But truthfully, regardless of how attracted they were to each other, it was never going to work. 

Not all relationships are built to last, but there is always something to be learned from the experience. Carrie learned what she wanted out of a relationship and Sebastian just wasn't it. She chose to go after her dreams instead of trying to make him fit within them.

4. Chuck and Blair, "Gossip Girl"

Chuck and Blair may have been complicated, twisty and manipulative, but they brought out each other's softer sides. Pretty sure everyone melted inside when Chuck finally says, "I love you."

They are truly partners in crime, conspiring together and helping each other achieve their shared goals. Chuck and Blair accept that they are both flawed, sometimes even in the same ways. Their relationship can teach us about the importance of forgiveness, supporting your significant other and accepting that neither of you are perfect.

5. Damon and Elena, “The Vampire Diaries”

There's no denying the chemistry between Damon and Elena. She saw something in him that no one else did and their friendship quickly turned into romance. They both cared very deeply for one another and accepted each other's differences.

Their relationship shows that in a partnership, both parties should bring out the best in each other. That's what Damon and Elena were all about.

6. Finn and Rachel, "Glee"

Finn and Rachel had some hiccups during their on and off relationship, but it's clear that they were each other's person. They loved, trusted and supported each other through all the drama that comes with high school and growing up. While they didn't get to have their happily ever after due to Finn's passing, it's clear that Rachel will always cherish the love they shared. 

One of the most important lessons the couple learned through their relationship is the importance of giving each other space. Sometimes you have to set your own feelings aside to let the person you love follow their dreams. 

7. Mary and Francis, "Reign"

Life in 1557 may seem difficult to relate to at first, but Francis and Mary's relationship actually has many core issues couples today deal with. Yeah, most people aren't engaged to someone when they're six so they can take over the throne. But they do deal with complicated feelings, families and responsibilities. 

It's clear Mary has stronger feelings for Francis than he does for her at first, but after he gets to know who she really is, he falls just as hard. With so much pressure from their families and responsibilities after their marriage, this couple has a ton of weight on their shoulders. They work together to help each other balance their duties and de-stress. 


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