Here's How To Make Your Useless Bottles Into Fully Functional Hookahs

The best way to recycle.

Do you have a bunch of useless glass liquor bottles lying around from your last party?


No worries. Now you have a real use for them other than collecting dust. Here's how to turn any bottle into a fully functional hookah thanks to a skillful Redditor.

First, you're obviously going to need some bottles. Be sure to collect a bunch, because you're going to want to practice a little bit.

According to Marz1988, he used a "3/4 inch Diamond drill bit." Which he added was "fairly easy after watching a few YouTube videos."

After that, you will need a device to insert the hose. One Redditor suggested a one way medical valve.

From there, all you need is a tube and that's about it! Just add your choice of flavored tobacco, drop some tinfoil and a coal on top and voila. Your very own custom built hookah! Enjoy.


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