Airplane Crew Helps Deliver A Baby 42,000 Feet In The Air, Taking Job Duties To The Next Level

"Welcome on board Princess!"

Having a baby aboard an airplane at 42,000 feet may not be an ideal situation, but with the help of crew members, one woman successfully delivered her baby girl halfway through her flight.

According to BBC, cabin crew and passengers aboard a Turkish Airlines flight noticed a mother, 28 weeks pregnant, experiencing childbirth pains during their flight from Conakry to Istanbul via Ouagadougou. 

"They promptly responded to assist her childbirth during the flight," the publication explains. 

Turkish Airlines has since shared photos of the experience on their Facebook page with the caption, "Welcome on board Princess! Applause goes to our cabin crew!"


The Huffington Post also points out that according to the airline's website, "expectant moms that are less than 28 weeks along are free to travel without pause. Those between 28 weeks and 35 weeks are required to obtain a doctor's note that declares them fit to travel."

Both the mom and her baby, named Kadiju, are in good health. We're sure this is one story they'll tell forever! 


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