5 Days Is All It Takes To Learn A Whole Mess Of Life Lessons. This Woman Proves It.

"One lesson is all it really takes to spark an interest in something."

In Lucie Fink's series for Refinery29, Try Living With Lucie, the 24-year-old tries changing up her lifestyle for five days straight, documenting the experiment and reflecting on her experiences on camera.

Episodes have included "5 Days of Zero Trash," "5 Days of No Sugar," and "5 Days of New Experiences," among others. 

Most recently, Fink decided to try "5 Days of Taking Classes" in an effort to seize more opportunities in New York City, learn new skills and to exercise her mind while she's at it.

First, Fink takes a knitting lesson with Hillary, a brand ambassador at We Are Knitters, a community dedicated to making the world a greener place through knitting.


"I kept making mistakes ... but I got through the lesson just fine and, to be honest, knitting is so fucking relaxing," Fink says.

Next up, Fink takes a pottery class, which according to her research, is great for brain stimulation, seeing as you use hand-eye coordination, physical sensations, and creative muscles while participating. 

And, "at the end of the day, I walked away with a huge, ginormous cup of coffee ... and I'm going to get to say 'I made that cup,'" Fink concludes. 

Double win.

At the end of her five day experiment, Fink says:

"In truth, one lesson is all it really takes to spark an interest in something, and picking up a new hobby or skill can really change the course of your life."

Thus, it's important to take the opportunity to learn entirely new things in life — whether it's how to make candy or how to run a business, step out of your comfort zone and see what you can do. 

Check out Fink's full video below:


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