Guys Get Photoshopped To Look Like Their Ideal Male Body Type, Realize It's Not Everything They Thought

"When I think of my attractiveness, I think of my personality."

The Try Guys of BuzzFeed's YouTube channel are always trying new things. 

After their female counterparts conducted an experiment to see what a perfect version of themselves would look like, The Try Guys decided to give it a go as well. 

First, the men all chose male celebrities they'd like to look like. 


One man wanted to emulate Justin Bieber's bod, while another was more a fan of John Krasinski's features. Cristiano Ronaldo and Channing Tatum were also influences.

With the help of hair stylists and makeup artists, the men soon began to transform into their ideal body type. A photographer even helped The Try Guys recreate some of these celeb's iconic poses. 

Then, a Photoshop expert got to work on the images.

But once the guys saw the results, they realized having a so-called perfect body didn't make them feel the way they expected it would.

In fact, they weren't even sure if they would want a body that looked this way, as they felt it changed who they were as a person.

One participant said, "When I think of my attractiveness, I think of my personality."

Upon seeing his "perfect" Photoshop, another participant said, "This is terrifying ... I don't like that at all. No one wants to be friends with that guy. I look like a jerk." 

They learned that they should focus on the fact people will remember them for being good men, loving fathers and husbands.

Watch the clip below.

This video is part of BuzzFeed's body positivity week series, featuring videos and articles on learning self-love. 


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