This Is What Happens When Couples Are Asked To Either Answer An Intimidating Question Or Take A Shot

How would you answer these questions?

Relationships are largely about honesty. But it's not always black and white. There may be things your partner is simply better off not knowing. 

The crew behind Cut, a video production company, decided to play a little game of Truth or Drink. They got eight couples to ask one another taboo questions and captured their reactions on film. Some of them are truly priceless. 


The rules are simple. Couples ask one another embarrassing questions.

Like, "If I was put into coma, how long would you wait for me?" or "What's the craziest thing you've done sexually with an ex?"

You either spit the whole truth...

Which is likely to surprise your partner.

... or take a shot.

Which, incidentally, can make you quite chatty. 

Game on. Watch the entire video below.

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