Complete Strangers On A Blind Date Played 'Truth Or Drink,' And It Was As Uncomfortable As You'd Imagine

"What is your type? Am I your type?"

Cut Video is back with the latest installment in their popular video series Truth or Drink and, honestly, this episode may just be the best one yet. 

If you've never seen the series, people pair off and play a game where each participant is asked a question that's written on cards in front of them. The participant either has to answer the question — which is often not something they'd want to say aloud on video — or take a shot of alcohol. 

In the past, we've watched ex couples, best friends, and even parents and their kids play. But, this time, the people playing are complete strangers on a blind date. 

And, still, they're asked questions like,  "How many sexual partners have you had?" and "What sound do you make when you are doing the deed? Can you make it?" 

For some, things get hilariously awkward real quick. For other couples, answering these questions is as easy as sharing what they had for lunch. 

Check it out in the video below:



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