15 Accurate Images That Explain Everything In Your Life

#10 is unanimous.

Life's hard to crack.

From the moment when you are born, till the last breath, there are things unknown and impossible to comprehend. So we need a helping hand.

Smart and funny people at New Creations have thought of a way to guide us through this crazy rollercoaster ride we refer to as life. Their ongoing series titled Truth Facts features a series of minimalist images accurately explaining some aspects of our day-to-day existance.


1. The taste of coffee over time.

2. Enjoying a moment, then and now.

3. What annoys us the most.

4. What's really inside a bag of chips.

5. What we use sportswear for.

6. Our true music taste.

7. Men's knowledge of flowers.

8. Women's hair length.

9. Times when cell phone coverage is good.

10. The earphone hoax.

11. The coffee temperature amplitude.

12. What our salad consists of.

13. How we're fooling ourselves in the kitchen.

14. The necessity of souvenirs.

15. Hangover chart. Gold!

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Also, check out this article on the witty illustrations by James Chapman that show how people around the world react to certain things (a punch in the face, for example).

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