Here Is The Truth About Why The DMV Is So Unbearable


If you've ever needed a photo ID, you've probably experienced the pains of your local DMV.

You know the routine: arrive early to try and beat the rush, only to be confronted by already long lines, grump customers and grumpier workers. You spend tons of time and effort waiting for a picture that just never seems right. You have to fill out paperwork, remember things like your Social Security number, and endure hours spent sitting in those uncomfortable chairs. 

So what's actually going on in there? Why doesn't anything actually go right? Well, according to The Huffington Post and comedian Paul Gale, it's all part of an elaborate scheme. 

Here's how a DMV worker takes an ID photo.


4. They count down from 5, but take the picture at 3.

3. Draw attention to a decoy camera.

2. Let the flash run wild.

1. Occasionally allow a flattering photo — just to confuse you.

Check out The Huffington Post's full video here:


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