Fear Not, Big-Breasted Ladies. Physics Is Coming To Your Rescue.

Thanks, science!

Let's face it. Bras are not fun. They cut into you in all of the wrong places, they get morphed if they accidentally go into the dryer, and God forbid if the underwire pokes out and starts stabbing you. 

Bra buying and wearing is especially not fun for women who fall on the larger end of the breast spectrum. The discomfort that most women experience is intensified, and the style and color options become more limited as sizes get larger. 

Two women are trying to fix all of that, and they're doing it using science.


Laura West and Sophia Berman are Carnegie Melon University graduates that want to use their backgrounds in industrial design to help rethink the way we look at bras. It was from this desire that TRUSST LINGERIE was born.

"There are so many things about bras that are really terrible and those problems tend to be exacerbated as you get into bigger cup sizes," Laura said. 

One of the major issues is that the traditional concept of a bra is an old one.

"The common underwire bra is a design that is over 100 years old and the original cup sizes A-D were invented in the 1930's," their Kickstarter video states. "But breasts are getting bigger. In just the past 10 years, the average bra size has increased three sizes, from a 34C to a 36DD."

They propose that, like all other aspects of technology, the technology behind bras should catch up to the times and give women what they need. 

Rather than supporting weight by pulling the way straps do, TRUSST's design supports 80 percent of weight from underneath, relieving the pressure that shoulders can feel from straps cutting into them. 

Also, the design completely eliminates underwires, the source of many a woman's woes. 

In addition to a more practical design, Laura and Sophia hope to give larger busted women more style options. "We want to get away from the sea of beige that is often associated with larger bras," the video says. "We're sick of black and nude," Sophia said. "We fully intend to incorporate more fashion colors and fun fabrics."

But this project means more to them than simply making life easier for busty women. It's about helping women feel more confident. "They say wearing a properly fitted bra will make you look 10 lbs lighter, but there's also a mental aspect. If I wear something that makes me feel more beautiful, I automatically feel more confident," Laura said. 

Watch the full video below:

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