These 16 Couples Prove 'Forever And Always' Truly Exists

Love is in the air.

Does true love exist?

Movies say it does, but life often proves that wrong. Chances are, after ten unsuccessful Tinder dates, five average one-night-stands and three failed relationships, your trust in finding "true love" will fade away.

But don't give up just yet. Take a look at these elderly couples living happily ever after rest assured that everlasting love is not just a Hollywood hoax.


54 years together and still fooling around.

72 years together.

"They got married in 1942 before he shipped out for the Pacific with the Marines, just in case anything happened. He made it back safe and sound, obviously," -- EditorialComplex.

60 years together.

"My grandparents 60th wedding anniversary. My grandfather had Alzheimer's. He didn't remember his children, his home or anything else, but as bad as it got, whenever he saw my grandmother he would say, "Look at my beautiful wife!" -- colincass.

59 years together, never wanting to part.

"The card my grandfather wrote to his wife on their 59th (and last) wedding anniversary. Gran is still alive and recently moved into a nursing home (she turned 100 a couple of weeks ago). Jack, my grandad, died about 13 years ago, six months after writing this card. When he was dying, Gran kept a bedside vigil for days, sitting there in her best dress and 'church' hat, holding his hand while he slowly slipped away," -- Dropbear81.

70 years together.

Albert and Alberta, 66 years together.

60 years together.

61 years together.

"61 years ago this couple got stood up by their wedding photographer. They had an anniversary shoot recently styled as the movie Up, and adorableness ensues," -- jesscapupcake.

60 years together.

"He proposed seven times before she said yes. Here they are 60 years. Happy anniversary grandma & grandpa!" -- pasteurizedmilk.

61 years together.

Sipping cocktails, 50 years later.

"This couple celebrated their 50th anniversary at the same restaurant where they got engaged. My friend had the honor of making their cocktails," -- hippopotacat.

80 years together.

"My grandparents just celebrated their 80th anniversary. Even though they are both over 90, they had an amazing day (over 500 people came to celebrate!)," -- MisssBadgerEnt.

63 years together.

60 years later, wearing the same wedding dress.

"My Grandmother wearing her original wedding dress on her 60th anniversary with my Grandfather. They are a testament to true love and commitment," -- songbird2488.

60 years together.

"My Grandparents got this picture framed from their 60th anniversary," -- Haminthepaint.

50 years of love and #swag.

Faith in love restored.

Now go and watch this amazing story about Glad and Bill, who have been together for 50 years: This Is A Heartbreakingly Beautiful Example Of True Love.

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