Trucker Dad Went Above And Beyond When His 9-Year-Old Asked Him To Take 'Abbie' To Work

"She really wants to go trucking with her Grandpa." Dawww.


A father of a 9-year-old daughter in Colby, Kansas is making viral waves with a set of pictures he took of his little girl's doll at work with him at his trucking company.

Trent McCain, an owner/operator of McCain Trucking and Harvesting posted the pictures on his company's Facebook page, where they were soon picked up by Love What Matters.

McCain described how it happened in his original post:

"Last night, Joselyn our 9 yr old daughter asked if I would babysit 'Abbie' for her today. 'She really wants to go trucking with her Grandpa.' This morning before I leave, she reminds me I'm babysitting today. Well being the good "Grandpa" I agree to take her."

"We decided to have a little fun and post pictures of our travels," he wrote.

Joselyn sent her dad instructions for Abbie all day long.

And, great dad that he is, McCain was more than happy to oblige his little girl.

And so did his own father, Joselyn's grand-dad.


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