A Student Spent Months Making Over 1500 Valentines For Their Entire High School

The unnamed student has been working on these since last September.

An anonymous student at Troy High School in Troy, Ohio surprised hundreds of his or her fellow students by leaving beautifully folded origami hearts on every locker for Valentine's Day.

The school posted a picture of the kind-hearted teenager's work in a post on Facebook yesterday, preserving the do-gooder's anonymity without even a gender pronoun to clue anyone in as to their identity.

Every single locker got a folded heart with a message on it that said, simply, "you are loved."

According to their Facebook page, Troy High School has 1,504 students enrolled.


The best part of this story is that it wasn't an isolated incident. Schools all over the U.S. reported similar acts of kindness.

It's really refreshing to see people taking time to show others – even complete strangers – that they care and that they're not forgotten.

Good job to all of those who work quietly behind the scenes to make a difference.


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