In NYC, People Entered This Special Dome To Bring Out Their Best Selves


At Tropicana's Times Square Experience in New York City, passersby entered a bright orange dome to find their morning spark

Inside, participants made their way through various rooms designed to help bring out their best selves, including a room filled with blossoming trees and oranges hanging from their branches. 

In another area, people stood in front of a green screen and a set of cameras to create their own, unique Tropicana Spark Animations. After taking their pictures, each person chose a word that inspires them — like "kindness," "love," or "family" — to add to their custom moving images. 

And finally, before leaving as #YourBestYou, two video stations allowed people to record personalized messages and "send a spark" out to loved ones. After all, positivity is contagious.

"Hi, Mom! Thanks for being my morning spark! You're the best," one participant said. 

Check out photos from the event below:



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