Can You Spot The People In These Photographs?

Very cool.

New York conceptual artist Trina Merry has wowed viewers with her incredible ability to transform the human body using just paint. She's turned people into living, breathing zodiac signs, painted bodies to match scenic backdrops, and created amazing intricate designs on human skin.

Her latest project entitled Lost in Wonder features UK model Kyle James covered in body paint at the site of a few modern wonders of the world. Thanks to the skillful hands of Merry, James' body perfectly mirrors his background so that he blends right in to the architecture he stands in front of. Each body painting took Merry about one to three hours to complete, but the stunning results are so worth it. 


“Many photographers say they ‘take’ a picture," Merry told A Plus in an email. "At major tourist sites like these, there are masses of visual consumers ‘taking’ from this environment without really appreciating the space or the history and culture of the people who made these structures. Artists are culture makers so I couldn’t approach this trip the same way — We 'made' a picture and gave energy back to these places.”

Merry goes on to explain that in her travels, she was surrounded by "the aged at the end of their lives climbing stairs with modified ski poles and honeymooners breezing past sites holding selfie sticks." It was images like these that inspired her to create Lost in Wonder as a means to explore the impact of Western tourism on "memory-making, bucket list dreams, and decaying architecture."

"Merry included 'wonder' as a part of her process to create these works," it says in a press release for the project. "She and her model traveled to each site and took a historical tour of the site, often with a private guide. Merry then returned to the site to sit and observe the architecture, decay, energy of the people and effects of tourism on the sites. Finally Merry returned with her subject to create the work over a period of 1-3 hours onsite, creating and giving energy to the site." 

Enjoy the amazing product of Merry's work below: 


Easter Island

Giza Pyramids

Great Wall of China

Machu Picchu





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