This Dad Ikea-Hacked His Way To The Coolest Toddler Bed Ever Created

With all due respect to your youth.

It's a well-known cliché that dads are supposed to be handy, and capable of building or fixing anything in or around a standard suburban home. Generally, that's not even close to reality for most dudes, but every now and then a guy appears out of the blue with detailed images of his impressive man cave, like the one hidden behind a bookcase.


Now here comes a man with a similar idea, albeit on a smaller scale. Meet Eric Strong.

Eric's son was in need of a bigger bed. So Eric decided to Ikea hack his way to one.

The solution was to merge three different IKEA products.

Here he goes.

Yes, that's another bookcase with a secret room behind it.

And an awesome slide to go down every morning.

And some sort of ball contraption.

Watch the video of the full construction and feel bad for your 3-year-old self. It's OK.

(H/T: Reddit)

Cover image: Eric Strong via YouTube


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