Trevor Noah's 'Daily Show' Start Date Was Just Announced, So Get Ready For This 'New And Sexy' Host

Just four months until the big day.

Change is a hard, but necessary, part of life (and television). When Jon Stewart announced he was leaving "The Daily Show," it nearly broke our hearts. But the show must go on. Stewart and his team hand-picked his replacement, South African comedian Trevor Noah, so we feel confident the next phase of the show, while different, will carry on Stewart's legacy of fake news and real laughs. And now, we know exactly when Trevor Noah will start hosting "The Daily Show." His "new and sexy" version will premiere Sept. 28, according to the new promo Comedy Central posted online on May 28. That's exactly four months away.

The end of September may not seem that close, but consider all that Noah has to accomplish in that time: come up with his own format for the show and original segment ideas; hire a writing staff, including on-air correspondents; create and film previously recorded bits; and ready himself for the inevitable criticisms that haters will undoubtedly lob at him just for not being Jon Stewart. (We get it, everyone wants Stewart to keep hosting for at least the next six election cycles, but let's give Noah a fair chance.)

The promo Comedy Central used to announce Noah's start date is certainly a good sign. The hilarious ad features the new host trying out Stewart's seat, practicing his opening line, and working on his "sexy" moves — until Stewart catches him at it, that is.


Watch the entire video here:

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